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Mr. Jarrett has been teaching weapons, tactics and use of force for over forty years. He began his career in the military special operations community serving nearly 10 years as a combat decorated Green Beret. He spent seven years as a law enforcement officer with the LAPD and as a Federal agent. He also spent nearly three years as a deep cover counter-terrorist operative.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science, summa cum laud in Criminal Justice, a Master of Science degree in Justice Studies, and holds standing as (ABD-Ph.D.) in Law and Social Control. He has been a full time adjunct and assistant professor in criminology and forensics at three universities and multiple community colleges. He is recently retired from a twenty-year career as a private forensic investigator, and as a federal and state court-approved expert witness in ballistics, firearms, homicide reconstruction and use of force issues.

Mr. Jarrett brings a wealth of special operations combat training and experience, law enforcement background, academic qualifications and a unique gift for teaching to his classes. The courses at the American Weapons Academy are dedicated to the lawful and tactically efficient use of lethal force in an increasingly dangerous and uncertain world.




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Critical Incident Assessments Courtroom Testimony. Homicide Reconstruction and Use of Force.











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